Specializing in Live and Virtual Events

Sonic Designs Inc. is a full-service sound design firm specializing in the creation of exceptional audio experiences customized for your needs, whether that is a concert hall, TV studio, attraction space, musical theater production or an outdoor venue. Whether you are in need of a design for a single event, an ongoing series, or a touring company, Sonic Designs can design and specify comprehensive solutions for all your audio needs. We also provide design guidance for interfacing media playback systems with the video and control elements of your production. Our wealth of knowledge and in-depth experience makes it possible for us to create high quality listening experiences. We are well versed in translating identified audio challenges from the artist’s perspective into practical solutions, both technically and operationally.


Most recently, Sonic Designs has leveraged its experience in sound design and recording to deliver virtual sound experiences. In this era of social distancing, audiences can enjoy a professionally delivered performance safely in their own home. Whether it is a soloist, small ensemble or dramatic production, Sonic Designs is equipped to meet all the audio and production requirements to make your performance a success. We understand that to achieve a great sounding event requires a unique set of solutions for each and every situation.